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Matt is an attorney in the Bangor area, where he runs a statewide practice focused on Maine cannabis law.

Medical marijuana patients and providers protected from federal prosecution under new spending bill

Medical cannabis advocates march to Los Angeles City Hall. Today, in a move which will surely ease the minds of many Maine medical marijuana patients and growers, the House of Representatives passed a short-term federal spending bill that includes a provision extending legal protections for medical cannabis. The provision, known as the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment, prohibits […]

Recreational marijuana “gifts” in exchange for “donations” are asking for trouble

As this creative 2010 Craigslist listing reveals, efforts to exchange cannabis for cash or something else of value – even when the law doesn’t permit it – are nothing new. As Mainers without medical cards patiently await the day when they can walk into a retail cannabis store and buy a brownie or an eighth of their […]